terça-feira, 27 de outubro de 2009

All that's known

All that's known in History, in Science. Overthrown at school, at home, by blind men. You doubt them and soon they bark and hound you. 'Till everything you say is just another bad about you, all they say is "Trust in What is Written". Wars are made and somehow that is wisdom, though is suspect. And money is their idol, and nothing is okay unless it's scripted in their Bible. But I know there's so much more to find. Just in looking through myself and not at them. Still, I know to trust my own true mind. And to say: there's a way through this. On I go. To wonder and to learning. Name the stars and know their dark returning. I'm calling to know the world's true yearning. The hunger that a child feels for everything they're shown. You watch me-Just watch me-I'm calling. And one day all will know. You watch me-Just watch me-I'm calling, I'm calling. And one day all will know.

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  1. in the line to answer one of a milion calls the world needs to answer.